25 Nov2011

Company Pages in LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has stuck around on the social networking scene for a long time because of the value they have offered professionals looking to grow the size of their network and advance their careers or businesses both online and offline. LinkedIn’s success should not be ignored as they continue to grow their presence among the major players in the social networking industry.

That being said, I really like the theme of this article I found on the Social Media Examiner today regarding the updates to Company Pages at LinkedIn. The author describes how the success of company pages on Facebook provide a good insight to how they should fare on LinkedIn as more and more companies start using them. She makes a great point that most of the focus is on larger companies now, but small and mid-size companies can no doubt use these pages to drive business and grow their networks online as well.

We have always included LinkedIn as part of our social media integration and optimization strategy at Salvo Media, but these company pages offer a new dynamic that we intend to utilize moving forward. As the article mentions these pages will most likely be very popular in the near future, so best get started on building your company pages today!



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