15 Dec2011

Watch SOPA Debate Live

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The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is the latest move by the federal government to get its nose under the tent when it comes to regulating the Internet. As we all know, once the government regulations start flowing, they never stop and allowing this power grab now will inevitably lead to a worse Internet experience for everyone in the future.

KeepTheWebOpen.com is a resource for more information on SOPA. Right now they are debating the legislation live and you can watch on the site and actually interact with those who are involved in developing the law. We encourage everyone who enjoys the Internet as it is now to get involved and use their influence to make sure that the Internet remains open and free from government over-regulation.

We all believe that intellectual and all other property rights should be protected by the government, however this proposed legislation is too much of a power grab leaving open the potential for the DoJ to shut down websites according to its own discretion without proper due process. This is a net loss of freedom for citizens and we hope that it does not become law.



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